Buying an apartment or villa in Alanya

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Buying an apartment or villa in Alanya

  • 2022-03-15

General information about Alanya

Alanya is a city with a large expat population. As it is a busy city, amenities such as hospitals, supermarkets and shopping malls are available year round. A city motivates a number of buyers attracted by the favorable prices and the climate.

Alanya is a coveted seaside resort which attracts tourists and whose investment is long term. Alanya is a growing city as it is the center of attention of many populations, not only neighboring cities but also European countries. This implies that investors can expect rental returns throughout the year. With very low price on taxes of real estate for sale in Alanya and with greater accessibility thanks to Gazipaşa airport many investors want to make a profitable investment in Alanya.

Alanya is a city with investment potential. Although being a part of the province of Antalya, Alanya has now grown too large for its status as a province. It has become a city in its own right. Alanya is expected to form its own city with districts such as Gazipasa, Kargicak, Mahmutlar, Kestel, Oba, central Alanya and Avsallar.

What are the advantages of buying a house in Alanya

The Mediterranean city in the province of Antalya is a large seaport and a seaside resort with a developed infrastructure. This place has a high standard of living, which attracts tourists from Europe (France, Germany, England, Suede, Danmark, Hollade…), Russia, CIS countries. Many of them come here not only to relax but also to invest in properties abroad.

The demand for real estate in Alanya among foreigners is increasing for the following reasons:

1. Comfortable climate. Alanya is famous for its ideal climate, beautiful nature, clean sandy beaches and fresh mountain air. The holiday season here lasts eight months. For the rest of the months, there is a peaceful atmosphere and mild weather conditions.

2. High security. The probability of earthquakes here is very low. The rules of earthquake-resistant construction are the construction of residential complexes.

3. Foreign culture and language. There is an active Russian, English, Finnish and German speaking community in the city, so adapting to your new area will be extremely easy.

You can purchase products that are normally sold in your home country at local Alanyas stores. The locals are friendly and ready to help in stressful situations.

4. Attractive prices. Apartments here are cheaper than in other European countries. The local technical supervision authorities control the quality of the construction.

5. High level of infrastructure. The city has developed a health system, a network of banking and legal organizations. In addition, educational institutions professional graduates.

6. A simplified form of obtaining a residence permit. Buying property in Turkey gives you the right to get a residence permit, and after five years you can apply for citizenship.

7. Develop a transport and interurban communication network. Buses and dolmus run through the city's roads. Taxi and car rental services are designed so that you can find them almost anywhere. Intercity journeys allow you to get to Antalya Airport or other cities in Turkey.

What real estate can you buy in Alanya.

Property for sale in Alanya can be chosen in complexes with separate infrastructure and newly built apartments.

Several types of houses are presented:


-Apartments (1 + 1/2 + 1/3 + 1…)


Apartments in Alanya are offered to future owners in several variations:

1. Studio units of various sizes with minimal space, which offers the possibility of playing using design techniques. Studios are popular for singles, couples, and are also purchased for rental.

2. One-bedroom apartments with kitchen, living room, bathroom and one bedroom with an area of ​​50 to 60 m². In addition, a balcony can be included.

3. The two-bedroom apartments are 80 to 120 m² in size. And include two bedrooms. They are located in surrounded complexes where there is access to a communal swimming pool, relaxation area and spa.

4. The area of ​​the three-bedroom apartments varies between 100 and 220 m². Several layout options are presented, in which there is a third bedroom, and the size of the living room is increased.

5. Duplexes are two-storey apartments in demand among large families. Spacious accommodation including living rooms, kitchen, balcony, terrace

Buying an apartment or villa in Alanya

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