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Obtaining the Turkish Citizenship by buying a property in Turkey

  • 2022-03-15

Well, any candidate with the necessary funds and a clean criminal record is welcome. Before 2018, Turkey's entry requirements were quite high, one million dollars. But when the Turkish government realized that this barred so many people from the rest of the world from applying and that it had a negative effect on their foreign direct capital investment, it retracted the entry to $ 250,000.

Is the process TRUE?
Yes, many people from all over the world applied and were accepted. The whole process turned out to be smooth and the application and approval time was easy.
So what are the steps?

The first step would be to obtain a Turkish tax number. We do this at the local tax office in the region where you want to buy an apartment or house (in our case it is Alanya or Antalya). Your tax number can also be obtained via the Internet. However, this is something that we recommend that you complete with the help of our Panorama Homes real estate agency located in Alanya. We submit passport photos and show the original passport. It is a very quick and easy process and the tax ID number is listed here and then it is wise to keep this number in a safe place, as you will need to use it in the future.

Once we have a tax number, we then go to a Turkish bank of your choice and help you open an account with them. This is an important step as all transactions must leave a paper trail and be made to a registered Turkish bank account. All we need to complete this is the tax ID number and a utility bill showing your current address. We will advise you on banks because not all banks open accounts in the same way. Some are more stringent than others are, but it is a pretty quick and easy process. It should be noted, however, that Iranians are not allowed to open a bank account unless they have obtained their Residence first.

REAL ESTATE VALUE OF 250,000 Dollars
Not all homes are eligible for citizenship by investment, so your best option is to email us at; info@panoramahomesnet.com or call us on +90 552 585 83 67 / +90 242 513 94 34 to receive a portfolio by email. Or, even better, browse our comprehensive and informative website

 Each ad contains everything you need to know, including the price of the property (apartment or Villa to buy), the characteristics of the house, the location and contact details to organize the Visit.

Once you've found your home, the first step is to get a sales contract notarized. We can also help you. When signing the title deeds you must state that the reason for the purchase is the Citizenship by Investment program and by signing this you agree to keep the property for at least three years. To keep the paper trail secure, complete all investment transactions through your Turkish bank account. There are many foreign exchange companies that will help you transfer funds abroad at the best exchange rate and with low fees.

The property you wish to buy must be completed or about to be completed, have a residential certificate, be a title deed ready and suitable for appraisal reports.

Once the above is completed, we will get the official appraisal report to prove the property's value. We will also submit the bank receipts to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in Turkey. Before being able to apply for the Citizenship by Investment program, applicants need a residency visa also known as Ikamet. We can also walk you through this quick and easy process. Once your stay is validated, you will receive your card by post. The first residency is approved for one year, which gives you ample time to apply for your Turkish citizenship by investment.

To apply, you will need:
Birth certificate
Proof of Turkish residence
Documents showing spouse and dependents (marriage certificate and birth certificates)
If you are a widow or widower, a death certificate must also be included
Proof of health insurance
12 biometric identity photos
All documents must be translated and notarized
Power of attorney (to be given to your lawyer)
Application forms.

Throughout this process panorama homes immobilier accompanies you to facilitate the path of the purchase of property and Turkish citizenship thanks to our long experience in the field (more than 17 years), our professionalism and our expertise.

Obtaining the Turkish Citizenship by buying a property in Turkey

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