What it is like living in Alanya?

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What it is like living in Alanya?

  • 2022-03-16

One of the most enjoyable benefits of living in Alanya is living near the sea, which never gets boring. Even in winter when it is cooler it is a blessing to be able to take walks along the coast with the always distinctive sea view.

Anyone old enough to remember the song “I like to be beside the seaside,” will understand why a coastal lifestyle is a top choice for most working and retiring expats. As a vast difference to an urban lifestyle, coastal resorts in hot countries are summer traps, with gorgeous weather.
A slower pace of life, stunning scenery, long stretches of sand and endless swimming opportunities are just a few benefits. Alanya is one of the numerous seaside resorts in Turkey offering an alternative lifestyle that even the most hardcore of city fans would find it hard to turn down.

What it is like living in Alanya?

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